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Mercedes AMG F1 driver Lewis Hamilton on a fast lap during 2020 Winter Testing in Spain


The most successful photographer on the planet. Bold statement? Not from where I’m positioned. This little black box comprised of metal and glass literally snatched me right off the streets of Brooklyn, catapulting me head first into world-wide travel. Ultimately saving me from the seemingly enticing pitfalls synonymous with inner-city life. 

Humbly speaking, I can easily chalk up a good portion of my personal values, and the man I've become today to the positive influences and interactions with all the people I've met along the way.  

Over the years, photography has taught me the importance of perspective. More specifically, how individual creativity positively impacts the soul. It's a visual stimulus for thought and inspiration. A simple reminder that the little things in life are most important. 

For me, photography is an unbiased conscience quantifying the importance of modern technology while validating interpersonal communication always will remain my primary focus. Photography has taught me that sometimes the most important and impactful thing to do is stop shooting and simply admire the beauty that surrounds me. 

Alternatively, photography unapologetically provides that daily chin checking... An honest no B.S. assessment of failure and vulnerability, while simultaneously honing laser-like clarity, direction, and motivation. Patience. Photography has definitely taught me patience. What I've come to realize is being patient is not the physical act of waiting, but rather how I conduct myself while I wait. A constant reminder that the best things in life never come easy.

Photography is a repeatedly validator that the litmus for success is measured by so much more than fame and fortune. In the purest sense of the word, success can only be realized through selfless collaboration, with full understanding that the long game cannot be sustained flying solo.


I''m the most successful photographer on the planet. Make sense now?

Lewis Hamilton celebrates his 6th F1 World Championsip in Autin 2019.



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