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Grand Teton National Park

Bridger-Teton National Forest

If given a choice to move anywhere in the world Jackson, Wyoming would be my pick. As a fine art and winter sports advocate its a no brainer!  This is sacred ground! I do my best to go back annually. It provides a mental and physical reset. Affords just the time I need for personal reflection and appreciation for what God has perfectly created. 


At an elevation of 6,772 feet above sea level, Jackson Lake is one of the largest high altitude lakes in the United States. It's positioned at the western edge of Grand Teton National Park, which set the stage for a spectacular Winter Solstice light show.

Jackson Lake Lights

Standing in the exact location it becomes quickly apparent why Ansel Adams to capture one his iconic images seventy-six years earlier (1942). Decades later, the trees have grown, the Snake River has even changed its flow pattern, but the beauty of this mystical place will be embedded for eternity.

Seventy-Six Year Remix

Teewinot Mountain momentarily dominates the horizon as Grand Teton desperately battles the relentless low lying clouds infused with a unique last light, insinuating a millennial long rivalry over elevational superiority.

Struggle For Dominance

In 1910 Thomas Alma settled into Mormon Row after strategically positioning his plot just south of his brother John. It took nearly 30 years for Thomas to complete his iconic barn. In the mid-1900s, Mormon Row was acquired to expand Grand Teton National Park and in 1997 Thomas’ barn was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

Thirty Year Icon

The majestic Tetons offer a natural layer of protection as they overwatch one of the most important bodies of water in the Pacific Northwest, the Snake River, which provides sustenance from the Continental Divide to the Columbia River.

Guardian Of The Garden

The morning began eclipsed in cloud cover. Methodically the Tetons reveal themselves, boasting their dominance, and marveling at their own beauty as they reflect in the Snake River below.

Grand Revelation