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World history clearly bears witness to mankinds bladdered captivation by the pursuit of mechanical ingenuity. Intoxication quickly befell addiction. Addiction driven by way of speed infused adrenaline rushes and a refutable desire for individual creativity.

Liability traces to the lineage of Karl Benz who invented and later patented what is considered the first practical automobile. This trailblazing act transcended economic necessity and simultaneously created a vehicle symbolic to a newly discovered subculture of limit pushers and thrill seekers. A soundboard for individual expression in modern times.

Unbridled the automotive addiction forcibly spread throughout every continent and to the extremities of the earth. Irreversibly infecting all exposed to it. Unbeknownst to the world, this pandemic later dubbed "Motorsports", would set humanity on a perpetual and revolutionary trajectory of monumental proportions. 


Tightly woven into the fabric of the motorsports subculture lie the creatives. As a moth drawn to candlelight, we too are captivated by light, speed, and perspective. Artistic nomads captivated by mechanical ingenuity and those who pursue it.


A horde of octane induced creative historians, circumnavigating the earth on our cyclic pilgrimage to quench the insatiable thirst for creative inspiration. With an inject of collaborative nobility, we quest to mount Motorsports forever in its rightfully established position in automotive racing history.